“Where Pretty is Priority” Stallions Wayne and Ramona Holt 24124 485th Ave Jasper,  MN  56144 Home:  605-349-8312 Mobile: 605-261-2880 e-mail: rcwhorses@wildblue.net CONTACT US! Wisteria Phantom Masquerade Aloha Acres Magic Marker x itButtonwillows Rockys Empresse 2007riBlack Tovero Stallion  AMHA/AMHR  33” I just love this boy, Phantom is the whole package, conformation, personality, show attitude, and fabulous color!  He has achieved 3 World top fives in halter, including a world reserve, and one National top ten in halter.  He is homozygous for both black and tobiano and as an added bonus carries frame overo.  He definitely puts his stamp on his foals, exceptional hips, hooky necks, precocious personalities and color, oh yeah, LOTS of color!  NFS  Phantom MasqueradeAloha Acres Magic Marker x Buttonwillows Rockys Empress2007 Black TovWisteria Phantom MasqueradeAloha Acres Magic Hylands Proud Commander                                                                                                Iona Cinnabar x Hylands Ladybug                                                                                                1994 Bay Tobiano  AMHA/AMHR/PtHA 31”                                                                                                Commander was my first miniature stallion, and                                                                                          what a contribution he has made to my program,                                                                                          sire and grandsire to multiple national top ten                                                                                          horses, including a grand reserve senior stallion.                                                                                          He is also grandsire to multiple World top ten                                                                                          horses, including one world champion and one                                                                                          reserve world champion!  The majority of my                                                                                          broodmare band is comprised of his daughters and                                                                                          granddaughters so he doesn’t see alot of “action”                                                                                          these days, but he has earned his retirement so will                                                                                          live out his days with us.  Homozygous for tobiano,                                                                                          plus splash overo, and extremely athletic, he will leave us with lots of colorful bounce!  Pictured in pasture condition.  NFS                                                                                                 H RCW Small N Mighty   “SAM” RCW Houdini x RCW Miss Congeniality 2008 Sorrel Tobiano  AMHA/AMHR  28.5” Litte Sam is the epitomy of perfection  in tiny, extremely well proportioned and refined, and very VERY feisty,  he doesn’t KNOW he is tiny!  Lots of bounce and athleticism.   Multiple World  top five titles and 2011 Unanimous National Champion aged Stallion 28-30” AND 2011 National Grand  Reserve Senior Stallion! We anxiously await tiny replicas of Sam in 2013!   NFS L Aloha Acres Top Associate McCarthys Aloha Silent Partner x Aloha Acres Ladybug 2009 Chestnut Tobiano  AMHA/AMHR Pretty boy, National Top Ten, just had his first babies in 2012, and we’re very pleased with results, and look for great things out of Kirby! SOLD!  Kirby is living in Ohio! Congratulations Debbie and Mallory! RCW Phantoms Double Espresso Wisteria Phantom Masquerade x Maple Hollows Fancy Pants 2012 Black Tobiano  AMHA/AMHR Pretty little boy, we’re very excited about this Phantom son, he’s small, showy, homozygous for black and we expect great things from him! 2013 National top five, and on the local front had a very successful year, and should get his halter HOF in his first show as a two year old.