“Where Pretty is Priority” Mares For Sale RCW Heaven Sent  Hylands Proud Commander x Hacketts Tini Cindi AMHA/AMHR  DNA  DOB: 4/30/2006  34” Black Tobiano Can’t believe I’m offering Angel for sale, but it is tough with them all, Angel is FULL sister to Sam’s daddy, and mixes VERY well with Phantom, very refined babies with wonderful color (see Caliente) RCW Dun Up Classy  Kay’s Luv Potion No Five x Top Of Iowa Carissa AMHA/AMHR  DNA  DOB: 4/28/2007  33.75” Grulla Tobiano Another great mare, beautiful expressive face and the prettiest curly ears ever, she’ll “show” for you at the drop of a hat!  She mixes incredibly well with Kirby, and is available after weaning her 2013 filly, or they can be purchased as a pair. RCW Phantoms Nina Bonita  Wisteria Phantom Masquerade x RCW Prairie Pixie AMHA/AMHR  DNA PQ’d  DOB:  5/31/2011 Black Homozygous Tobiano/Frame Overo  one blue eye  Ok, putting Bonnie on here is insanity, but she is a lovely girl, and really SHOULD go to a breeding show home! RCW Gypsy Fortune  Hylands Proud Commander x Tibbs Cream De Cocoa AMHA/AMHR  DNA PQ’d  DOB:  5/15/2005 Black Tobiano one blue eye Gypsy settles easy, foals easy, and is a good mama, she would mix well with either Phantom or Kirby. RCW Spectral Mist  Kays Luv Potion No Five x Tibbs Cream De Cocoa AMHA/AMHR  DNA PQ’d  DOB:  5/03/2006 Black Tobiano two blue eyes Misty is such a sweet mare, just a big baby in your pocket all the time, she has had nice babies out of both Kirby and Phantom, settles easy, foals easy, and a good provider...so either would be a good mix! RCW Top Class Tilly  Aloha Acres Top Associate x RCW Dun Up Classy AMHA/AMHR DNA PQ’d  DOB:  5/22/2012 Red Dun Tilly is BEAUTIFUL, has her mom’s great expression (and ears!) and of course her daddy’s great pedigree, she is a granddaughter of McCarthy’s Aloha Silent Partner!  Sweet little mare, just like her mama would be an asset to anyone’s program!  Sustained in the AMHR futurity! RCW Phantoms Ice Princess  Wisteria Phantom Masquerade x RCW Whinny the Pooh AMHA/AMHR DNA PQ’d DOB: 6/06/2010 Silver Tobiano Paris is a sweetheart, another mare with the great ears!  Full sister to my gelding Great Expectations, she would be a big asset to anyone’s program!  RCW Sassy Associate   Aloha Acres Top Associate x RCW Dun Up Classy AMHA/AMHR  DNA PQ’d  DOB:  5/11/2013  Sassy is little miss friendly, LOVES people, she will happily skip grain for some good scratches!  Full sister to Top Class Tilly (above) she shows the promise of being every bit as lovely!  Available at weaning or as a package with her dam. Sustained in the AMHR futurity!  I’m not planning on doing a lot of breeding for 2014, but will breed these mares to either Wisteria Phantom Masquerade or Aloha Acres Top Associate (Kirby) for no additional charge upon request! All of my mares are sound and sane, good mothers and unless otherwise stated, easy birthers, I just don’t have the energy to do this much anymore so I’m committed to reducing my herd by half in 2013.  Prices will be VERY reasonable, but I do ask that only people who actually feed and care for their horses contact me, they have never gone hungry and really like to be petted and loved on, so I feel that they deserve no less in their new homes. Prices will range from $600 to $1500, if you see something you’re interested in, e-mail me and I will get pictures from all sides and price quotes.                                                      RCW Prairie Pixie  Hylands Proud Commander x Tibbs River Breeze                                                            AMHA/AMHR  DNA  DOB: 4/23/2002  33.25”  Sorrel Tobiano                                                            Pixie has been an absolutely fabulous mare, she produces leggy, necky                                                            extremely fine boned babies, and more girls than boys!  She mixes very well                                                            with Phantom (see Nina Bonita) and I feel she would mix equally well with                                                            Kirby!    RCW Spotted Comet  Hylands Proud Commander x Top Of Iowa Carissa AMHA/AMHR  DNA DOB: 4/17/2003  31” Grulla Tobiano Comet is a sweet mare, produces really really TINY babies, all girls to date, and will be available after her 2013 baby is weaned.  She had a lovely little girl out of Phantom in 2011, and her Sam baby this year is fantastic ( see Penelope)                                                                             RCW Sugar N Spice  Hylands Proud Commander x Tibbs River Breeze                                                                           AMHA/AMHR  DNA  DOB: 4/13/2003  33.25                                                                           Chestnut Tobiano                                                                           Another awesome producer that is going to waste here, she has had mostly                                                                           fillies, only one boy, I have 2 of her daughters and love them!  (see                                                                           Little Debutante and Carrousel)  Mixed very well with Phantom and I think                                                                           would mix equally well with Kirby! C RCW Phenomenal Doll  Hylands Proud Commander x RCW Whinny The Pooh AMHA/AMHR  DNA DOB: 7/10/2006  33” Sorrel Tobiano Dolly is a really nice little mare, only had one baby, and unfortunately it was a red bag and I didn’t arrive on time.  I believe her to be homozygous for tobiano, but have not tested her.  She is very refined and would mix well with either Phantom or Kirby! R